[Project in progress]


The "liquid love" explained by the sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman is the starting point of this proposal.

We seek freedom above all, but at the same time we are desperate to build deep bonds.

The problem is that we translocate our digital behaviors into real life, keeping ourselves on the surface and achieving only superficial and frustrating connections.

We turn the "love experience" into a consumer article where especially the couple is first of all and foremost, disposable. For example, when sex is used only as a physiological activity, it is not liberating, but overloaded. The "homo sexualis" is condemned to be permanently incomplete and dissatisfied.

"Pocket relationships", which are the embodiment of the instantaneous and require that we invest as little as possible so we don't expose ourselves to emotions and thus avoid all kinds of possible suffering, cause a very high level of losses in all senses.

My project tries to show how this phenomena taking a couple as a model where both parts don´t share the same expectations and values:just one of them is moved by the rules of the “liquid love”.

This failed attempt goes through different phases where not only they feel alone and lost, but it shows how nowadays the future of human bonds as we knew them is called into question.