I was born in February 1976 in Mendoza, Argentina.
At the age of 18 I decided to study Fine Arts because I'm not good for music, writing or dancing. The other factor was that nothing gave me as much pleasure and calmness than working with my hands, as time stretched out or shrunk without control. It quickly became a vital need, trying to catch those moments where ideas appeared and began to take shape, trying to transmit them as directly as possible. That is how I went to University and in 2001 got the Professor and Bachelor of Visual Arts degrees at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina).
I choose the subjects in a self-referential way: I start from an idea or experience and then try to connect it to a more general concept. I walk along thousand times explored roads: feelings, fears, losses and nostalgia ... Sometimes I stop, I tell a story and just watch what happens. Other times, with some issues such as those that are related to animal welfare, I give a straight opinion, looking for awareness. In all cases I attempt to find a lucid and at times, compassionate vision.
In sculpture I work primarily with ceramics, metal and glass; usually in combination. I choose ceramics because it is soft, expressive and versatile; metal because it is precise and durable, and glass because it is magic, light transforms it and adds another dimension. Both in drawing and painting, I mix techniques and materials: the slowness and precision of the pencil, and acrylics with the swiftness of ink, watercolor, pastels or charcoal. In stained glass I use the traditional lead technique as well as Tiffany. My works are often on the boundaries of disciplines: sculptures with drawings, painted objects, etc.
I currently live in Barcelona, where I combine teaching at my art studio with my personal activity.
In my work I seek the union between the spiritual, the formal and the symbolic through manual labour. Being a kind of a window through which lean out to see the spectacle of life. But honestly and above all, keep enjoying, while working, that feeling of tranquility where what happens outside does not have, at least for a moment, more importance.